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     Ningjin Shangde chain machine equipment Co., Ltd. was established in August 2014. It mainly produces mesh belt, chain plate, spring, chain, high temperature resistant mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt, conveyor mesh belt, tunnel kiln mesh belt, Great Wall mesh belt, drying mesh belt, coating equipment mesh belt, spraying equipment mesh belt, washer mesh belt, food mesh belt, food cleaning conveyor chain plate, stainless steel chain plate, herringbone mesh Belt; double rotation energy-saving mesh belt; oil spray cooling mesh belt; B-shaped mesh belt; baffle conveyor belt; chain conveyor belt; fruit and vegetable cleaning mesh belt; quick freezing machine chain net; single freezing machine chain net; quick freezing horseshoe mesh chain; special conveyor chain net for vegetable dehydration assembly line equipment, biscuit oven mesh belt, cold oil spray machine mesh belt, flat bending machine mesh belt, chocolate coating machine sigmoid mesh belt. At the same time, we produce biscuit machine, imported machine ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt, steaming mesh belt, frying box, drying hanging box, wire cutter, knife comb, face knife, face comb, supporting shaft, forming box Stainless steel flat top chain, chip discharge chain, conveying annealing furnace mesh belt, baking flower conveying chain, glass furnace mesh belt, bottle conveying machine mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt to manufacture all kinds of chain plate turning machine, mesh belt conveyor and metal mesh chain belt Design and manufacture.

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